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Yes, it’s that time of year again. I’m a great believer in easing ourselves gently into the New Year. We often set ourselves up to fail by giving ourselves unrealistic writing goals. So let’s look back on last year and look at what lessons you’ve learnt and how can tweak your writing habits or do things differently to get the results that you want for 2016.

  1. What are the top three books you’ve read this year? Why have you enjoyed them?
  2. Name three books that bored you/you didn’t finish/threw across of the room? What turned you off?
  3. Name 3 moments in 2015 when you felt most inspired and were writing regularly?
  4. Name 3 moments in 2015 when you’ve been most distracted, were blown off course and wrote nothing?
  5. How can you create more moments of inspiration versus distraction in 2016?
  6. What has been your biggest writing challenge in 2015 and how have you handled it?
  7. When facing this challenge, what is the thinking that spirals you into despair or sense of hopelessness?
  8. When facing this challenge, what is the thinking or thought that helps you stay focused and hopeful?
  9. What worked well and why in 2016?
  10. How have you sabotaged yourself in 2015 and how can you do things differently in 2016?
  11. What are you most proud of writing this year?
  12. What does writing success look like to you in 2016?
  13. How do you measure if you are doing well on a daily basis?
  14. How do you measure if you’re doing well on a yearly basis?
  15. If you were to create three writing goals for 2016, what three specific actions do you need to take differently on a daily basis?


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